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Martin Žember



  1. Looks like Linkedin is stimulating connecting of members by guessing who possibly knows who and send a connection request on his behalf.

  2. aggreagates information from somewhere else, but the results make sense and are useful!

  3. I cannot be a good hacker unless I overcome the laziness towards programming.

  4. Yep :-) Mine was taken from some project when tried a Google codesearch for sha1.crc32

  5. SRSLY, it is:public static function encrypt($text = null){ return md5(sha1(crc32(md5(base64_decode($text . SALT)) . SALT)));}

  6. In the Israeli-Palestinian discussions, the Palestinian reasoning seems to miss sense to me. (BBC WHYS, IsraelWC on FB, ...)

  7. Bug in libpng, CVE-2011-2690. Is it still possible? Who is the optimist that tries to find a bug in a library like that?!

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    A man asks a trainer in the gym: "I want too impress that beautiful girl, which machine can I use?" Trainer replies: "Use the ATM"

  9. Z vyúčtovania zdravotného poistenia som sa dozvedel, že injekciu u zubára alebo návštevu lekárky som zažil veľakrát, len som o tom nevedel.

  10. A driver is a hardware documentation that is read by the operating system.

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    I'm sure this has done the rounds already, but just in case: (software attacks against intel vt-d)

  12. How could someone possibly write about code review today and not to reference taossa? ;-)

  13. : Am I allowed to use code samples from the TAOSSA book in a paper? I am testing source code analysis tools and writing a survey.

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